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Out of the Humidor

The Editors
From the Print Edition:
Orlando Hernandez, Mar/Apr 99

(continued from page 5)

Dear Marvin,

I am writing you to say thanks for all that you have done to help me in my quest for the perfect cigar. I am 28 years old, a well-to-do professional in Philadelphia, and subscriber to Cigar Aficionado. I have been enjoying cigars for the past five years and consider myself a novice. I currently enjoy Dunhill, Ashton Cabinet, Punch and Bahia Gold, but have stocked my humidor with Fuente Fuente OpusX for those special occasions. I would like to take you back to a moment in my life that has changed my feelings about being called a cigar smoker.

In July of 1998, I purchased a Land Rover Discovery that I promised to get myself several years ago. Prior to my purchase I knew that I needed to have the perfect cigar waiting for me to help me celebrate when I arrived home. I found the Fuente Fuente OpusX Double Corona. On this day, my fiancée, Maria, and I invited my brother and his wife out for dinner and a short drive that evening. After a beautiful drive along the river, we decided to return to my house.

I ordinarily like to enjoy my cigar with a fine vintage Cognac, so I offered a cigar and a taste of Cognac to my brother and his wife, who declined. I knew at that moment that they would be unable to embrace what would take place next. With my Cognac slightly warmed and my OpusX, I began my voyage to euphoria. On occasions like this, I love to enjoy a cigar with my fiancée (she loves La Flor Domin-icana), but she too wanted an OpusX. As we sat back with a little jazz and conversation, Maria and I almost forgot we had company.

I always enjoy a cigar as if I'll never see it again, and after about three hours it's usually gone. I have found that they are all unique and each has a slightly different taste, but all excite my palate. So, about 15 minutes into my Fuente Fuente OpusX Double Corona, I was asked a question which has changed me forever. My brother asked me, as I watched the smoke swirl into the air, "What are you looking at, and what do you get out of that?"

I have a habit of watching my cigar from start to finish. I roll it between my fingers, look at the wrapper, watch how it burns, enjoy the aroma. I totally embrace my cigar. I replied to his question by saying, "Once you've connected with your joy of having a good smoke, there's nothing in the world more relaxing--next to sex." He said, "That's one hell of an analogy, so give me one." He didn't have his cigar that night but he did have it on a later night after a long drive and a little jazz.

I don't like to be called a cigar "smoker" or have it said that those who enjoy cigars just "smoke" cigars. There's so much more to the pleasures of having a good smoke. I derive joy from having a fine cigar.

Mark Williford
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Marvin,

I just finished your February issue. Regarding the letter from Larry Deyab in Brooklyn, New York [responding to another letter about high cigar prices and low quality]: Hey guys! There are many good cigars out there. As far as price, even milk and newspapers have gone up.

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