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Out of the Humidor

The Editors
From the Print Edition:
Orlando Hernandez, Mar/Apr 99

(continued from page 1)

I thought you might like to know, in fact be happy to hear, that former president Jimmy Carter now owns a copy of the December issue of Cigar Aficionado.

I was waiting for a flight from Atlanta to Miami when I saw Carter roaming the concourse near my gate. To my surprise, he boarded the plane I was to get on and sat in the first row of first class while a Secret Service agent stood guard. I noticed that he was thumbing through those really boring magazines that airlines want you to take with you.

I proceeded to my seat knowing that I still had half of the December issue of CA to read on my flight home. (What a comforting thought.) About 10 minutes before pushing back from the gate, Carter walks down the center aisle of the plane with one of his three agents, saying hello and shaking many hands. I thought this gesture was sincere and very gracious. As he approached my row (I was in the aisle seat), I extended my hand, and he shook it firmly and gave me a warm greeting. He proceeded to the back of the jet, meeting nearly everyone on the plane.

Upon his return up the aisle it dawned on me that since John F. Kennedy was on the cover of the current CA, I was sure Carter would enjoy reading at least that one excellent article. I turned around to make eye contact with him, holding the magazine up to him so he could see the cover. I told him the JFK article would be something he would take pleasure in reading and, of course, I told him that there would be no need to return the magazine to me. He thanked me very much, took the magazine and proceeded back to his seat.

Upon leaving the plane on our arrival in Miami, he was quickly taken down the stairs of the gateway to a waiting car. I want you to know that he did not leave the CA behind on the plane, as I looked on his seat and in the pocket attached to the bulkhead of the plane.

I have a good feeling that he enjoyed reading more than just the JFK article. Don't be surprised if you get a new subscriber to the magazine named Jimmy Carter in the near future.

Larry Grusky
Miami, Florida

* * *

Dear Marvin,

Thank you for Mr. Arthur Schlesinger's recent article about President John F. Kennedy. Living in Massa-chusetts, I have always been a fan of JFK and made a point to visit the JFK Library every fall. I applaud Mr. Schlesinger for putting to rest those ridiculous rumors about Joe Kennedy Sr.'s bootlegging and "buying" votes from the Chicago Mafia, and explaining that JFK inherited the Bay of Pigs plan and the Castro assassination plots from the Eisenhower administration.

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