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Bond Reinvented

An exclusive look inside the making of Quantum of Solace, and Daniel Craig's next turn at playing superspy James Bond.
David Giammarco
From the Print Edition:
Daniel Craig, November/December 2008

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And Quantum of Solace certainly remains faithful to the brutality and violence of the books, because as Craig points out, it's all in context. "With the violence in the last movie, it was also very important that we showed the consequences of it," he states. "But we take it very responsibly—glamorizing violence is wrong. But it's James Bond—they are violent films about violent people. That's what these stories are all about—plain and simple."

One rainy summer evening, director Marc Forster screens a collection of various finished scenes at a private Soho screening room. He's still in the midst of editing, but from what he's assembled so far, Quantum of Solace indeed invokes a glorious '60s style reminiscent of such series classics as From Russia with Love and Goldfinger. The action has never been so frenetic, and the drama never so textured and nuanced. And sure to thrill Bond fans are a couple of surprise "winks" to past Bond hallmarks. "I just felt that I had to pay homage to the legacy," acknowledges Forster with a proud smile. "I'm really glad I did the movie I wanted to do," adds Forster once the lights come up. "So if it fails, it's my responsibility. But I never approached this film as trying to top Casino Royale. I've never approached a film like I'm making it for millions of people. I had to approach it as a film I would love. If I set out to make a film for masses of people to love and to be bigger than Casino Royale, it would be a failure."

Pointing to the screen, Forster adds proudly, "I'm really excited about this . . . it feels right and truthful to me. And that's the only way to make a film." Having now successfully written a completely new and unexpected chapter in the legendary 007 history, Craig remains committed to his world-famous alter ego. "It's certainly starting to seem that way," he says. "If everything goes well, and people still want to see the movies, then I'll keep doing them for as long as it holds. "Or until my knees go—whichever happens first!" laughs Craig.

David Giammarco is a print and broadcast journalist based in Los Angeles and Toronto. He interviewed Kevin Costner for the August 2008 issue of Cigar Aficionado.

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