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Magnum Opus

In "Las Vegas" and the Jesse Stone series, Tom Selleck reminds us why he is one of America's best-loved actors.
Betsy Model
From the Print Edition:
Tom Selleck, Nov/Dec 2007

(continued from page 7)

That doesn't mean, adds Selleck, that having reached the legal age of an adult and about to enter college, Hannah can travel on her own when competing. "You know, Hannah's 18 now, but we're not about to send her across the country to some horse show without at least one of her parents."

Yes, but can she date? Selleck pauses for a moment, smiles and then concedes, "Well, I didn't think she was going to date until she was 40 but, yeah, she does date. She's a trustworthy kid."

When asked if he's found a secret to maintaining a family and a 20-year marriage while constantly moving between projects and time zones, Selleck pauses and, for a brief moment, reverts into that shy college kid trying to understand and talk about girls.

"I think [Jillie and I are] willing to take what comes [and] I think we're pretty accepting. We obviously love each other. And, um, I don't know...I don't know what the secret is! She's funny. She's full of energy. She's got a lot more energy than I have. She's just optimistic and [sees] everything as positive.

"And," adds Selleck, beginning to warm to the subject, "I'm a worrier. I'm probably more internal than she is. She's very external. I don't believe, really, in astrology, but aren't Aquarians supposed to be analyzers, for whatever it's worth? Yeah? Well, if I understand male-female stuff, which is really hard to figure out, you know, I'd rather think something through and then have something to say. Jillie," Selleck laughs, "would rather talk it through to figure out what she wants."

When asked if he ever finds time for fun, for relaxation or for vacation, Selleck says yes, but that that often translates into his wanting to spend time at home and with his family. Through his son, Kevin, Selleck has five grandchildren who, he says proudly, call him Hoppey. My granddad was a Hoppey and I wanted to be a Hoppey too."

Frankly, says Selleck, "my favorite vacation is staying home. I have fun, and fun for me is being with my family, but I also need time to myself. I work on my ranch. I hate the gym [and] I don't like working out. I've always played sports, but ever since I moved back from Hawaii and stopped playing beach volleyball and stuff, I haven't replaced it with another sport, so I work on my ranch."

When asked to define what constitutes "work" on the ranch, Selleck snorts. "Brush clearing, fire prevention. Repairing the well, fixing the irrigation, fixing fence. There's something new every day so I work on the ranch, and I'm cheaper," the actor shrugs, "than the guys I can hire to do manual labor."

A dislike for the gym isn't something you'd immediately think of when looking at the tall, still fairly trim Tom Selleck and, judging by the reaction of one of the many women who've gathered at a scene being shot on a Halifax street for Jesse Stone: Thin Ice, his fans would happily chase—or be chased by—him anytime he wants an alternative to a treadmill.

"Oh my God, I can't believe it's him, that he's here," gushes one woman who can't seem to press the shutter button fast enough on her camera phone. "I've loved him all my life, ever since he played Magnum. Isn't he yummy?"

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