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A Conversation with Angel Daniel Núñez

The man behind Macanudo cigars—and the Connecticut shade tobacco grown to wrap them.
David Savona
From the Print Edition:
Dennis Haysbert, Nov/Dec 2006

(continued from page 6)

Q: The wrapper was sold for machine-made cigars?

A: It was very thin and brittle. It was a disaster. And the question was, do you protect the product, or is it just a business? I understand both of them, but business is long term. We are in business for many years, so that's the only thing you protect.

Q: You could have physically made cigars from it?

A: They would break, and the taste would have been horrible.

Q: This is why you need that big inventory.

A: Yes, as bad as it is, it doesn't hurt production.

Q: Now to show how fickle the tobacco world is, wasn't 1999 a very good year?

A: Ninety-seven. We were blessed in '97, and we were hit in '98. That's what tobacco is all about. And that's where the vintage concept comes from. We grow tobacco everywhere. I'm the president of the company, but I'm still a farmer, I'm still a processor.

Q: I've been in tobacco fields with you, and the pleasure you have there is obvious.

A: I enjoy it. I'm one of the few on this planet who enjoy the whole cycle, and do the whole cycle. I have great passion for growing, but I have extremely great passion for processing. Manufacturing, I love it, and finally getting in contact with consumers and customers, that was probably my only question. Then I found out that they share my passion, and they complement and they help, because they tell the story.

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