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A Splash of Brande

Former Playmate Brande Roderick wants to keep making waves in television.
Paul Chutkow
From the Print Edition:
Alec Baldwin, May/June 2004

(continued from page 3)

Roderick's first priorities, though, are closing that deal—and finding a mate. And she's not looking for quick romance either; she wants the real thing: a reliable man, a great father for those kids she wants, and maybe one who can teach them soccer as well. Can she find such a man in Hollywood? Roderick has no illusions: "I want a good man, one with good morals, a good person. I don't want a husband who's an actor or in the industry at all. I want somebody who's solid." Roderick says she has had a couple of serious relationships in her life, but either the men were wrong for her or the timing was off. So she's still waiting for all her romantic stars to be properly aligned.

Will Hollywood spoil Brande Roderick? No way, she says. "I've been here over seven years and I haven't succumbed yet. If people are brought up with the right morals and the right upbringing, they never really change. I think you are who you are, no matter what."

Paul Chutkow is the author of Depardieu, a biography of the French actor Gérard Depardieu, and coauthor of Harvests of Joy, the autobiography of Robert Mondavi.

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