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An Interview With Carlos Toraño

President, Central American Tobacco Corp.
David Savona
From the Print Edition:
Bill Murray, Nov/Dec 2004

(continued from page 8)

Q: That's a lot of tobacco. You're not a huge company, yet you cover the major countries. You have a factory in the Dominican Republic, a factory in Nicaragua and a factory in Honduras—the three biggest cigar-producing countries, not counting Cuba.

A: Remember, we were brokers and dealers in the beginning, so we were always involved in these three countries.

Q: Would you ever add another country?

A: Of course, Cuba is a question mark. The answer will always be important. We will always have to consider very seriously the situation in Cuba.

Q: Perhaps someday a Carlos Toraño Cuban selection?

A: Hopefully, the answer's yes. That does not mean we would exclude anything else. I actually believe we now must realize we are like good wine. There's not only one country in the world that makes good wine, and there's not only one country in the world that makes a good cigar.

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