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Life After Miami Vice

After years of chasing crooks on TV, Don Johnson finds time for the good life.

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His family, particularly his children, still make up the group closest to him. Not only is he crazy about his youngest, Grace, Johnson is very close to his son, Jesse, 19, his child with actress Patti D'Arbanville, and Dakota, 12, his daughter with Melanie Griffith. "I just love kids," he says. "They are so much fun to be with."
Back at the party in Siena, Johnson and Kelley have been looking at their wristwatches for close to 20 minutes. The night is young by Italian standards: just after 11:30 p.m. But the Johnsons are ready to call it a night. "We have to go home and look after little Gracie," says Johnson, as he, Kelley and a couple of friends climb into a taxi.
After checking on their young daughter when they get home, Johnson is ready to share a bottle of 1997 Sassicaia, smoke a Cohiba Esplendido and strum a few chords on his classical guitar. "You know the thing that being in Italy has taught me?" he says, puffing away on his cigar. "You gotta live right now. Not until you make that extra hundred million or that big hit movie or win the Oscar or do this or to do that, although I hope to do all those things. But I'm going to do them at an Italian pace."
Six months after his Tuscan summer, Johnson feels even more convinced that it's important to "live for the moment" and "live well together." Like most of us, he's horrified with the events of September 11, but he hopes that something positive comes of them. "Everything after September 11 has to have an asterisk, before and after," he said in a phone conversation from his ranch in Colorado. He's not drinking at the moment nor smoking cigarettes, but a great cigar remains one of his continued pleasures. "All of that changed our lives … the world has changed forever. But this crisis has been an invitation to our spirit. We are all neighbors. And we must find good in all people."
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