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Far Beyond Footloose

Kevin Bacon is making it outside Hollywood.
Alysse Minkoff
From the Print Edition:
Kevin Bacon, May/Jun 00

(continued from page 3)

The creative closeness and camaraderie of The Bacon Brothers has reconnected Kevin with what first drew him to acting: a sense of fellowship. "When I first became an actor I felt like I was a member of a community. I was a member of an ensemble--where we would get together and we were sort of on the same plane and we'd roll up our sleeves and we would play together. I haven't felt that for years and years and years," he says. "I don't feel like the movie business creates any kind of cohesiveness between actors. What it does is it separates us because it's so ultracompetitive. I'm constantly feeling that as an actor, unfortunately, all you have to do is try to look out for number one. I wish it wasn't that way. But I can't remember, not since Diner have I felt like I was really in an ensemble. And in music you have to have that. You have to groove. If one person is not grooving, it's not going to work. It's a house of cards and it comes tumbling down. Not that there aren't stars or egos or front men in music, but you know, it just has to groove. And you have to get over the technicalities of it and really try to find the emotion and the magic and the feeling that you get when you are really killing on the stage. To try to bring that into the studio is a very difficult and elusive thing."

Travis needs to be picked up at school and Paulie is definitely in need of a walk. Kevin Bacon is eager to resume his favorite role, that of husband and father. As he puts the leash on Paulie, Bacon takes a last minute to share a bit of his 8-year-old daughter's wisdom during the production of The Hollow Man. "I was about six or seven months into shooting and I was out in L.A. pulling my hair out and missing the family and trying to get through it. And if I would complain, Sosie would say to me, 'Daddy, don't you remember when you called Mommy and you guys were screaming and yelling and jumping up and down because you got the movie?' She totally busted me on it." With that common-sense attitude and the love of his family, it appears Kevin Bacon will stay grounded.

Alysse Minkoff is a freelance writer in Beverly Hills, California.

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