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Q&A: An Interview With Jorge Padrón

The president of Padrón Cigars Inc. speaks about his Nicaraguan cigar brand.
David Savona
From the Print Edition:
Gen. Tommy Franks, Nov/Dec 03

(continued from page 6)

Q: Is six years' inventory your comfort zone, where you want to be?

A: We can never have enough tobacco. If we can grow to eight years, we'll have eight years.


Q: Can you hold eight years' worth of tobacco?

A: Over the years we've built a lot of infrastructure here in Nicaragua to manage the amount of tobacco that we're growing. You need a lot of space in order to handle that much tobacco. Space is always an issue.


Q: Speaking of space, you've moved into this new space here in Nicaragua. Describe the reasons for the move, and what you can achieve by being here.

A: Before, we had the factory in the center of Estelí and then we had two warehouses adjacent to it across the street. And at this complex we're at now, we had all the processing and fermentation of tobacco, and all the deveining and all the sorting. And that posed, not a problem, but it was inefficient in that we had to be transporting tobacco from one place to the other, and it was just not as comfortable as we have now, where we're all in one place, and you can go from one department to the next just by walking. It produces a lot more efficiency.

Q: The factory is bigger than the other one; does that mean you will be increasing production?

A: Well, production eventually will be increased. At this point, we're staying where we are. But we have the capacity to increase if we feel we can increase. The idea is to stay where we are, but to increase eventually if needed, and if possible.

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