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An Interview With Dr. Reto Cina

President and Chief Executive Officer, Oettinger/Davidoff Group
David Savona
From the Print Edition:
Andy Garcia, Mar/April 2004

(continued from page 7)

Q: You said, 'Let's take the risk.' What was the risk?

A: We brought into this joint venture the registered trade name Zino. Whatever happened would have happened to Zino Platinum. Of course, we could have said 'It's Zino Platinum, not Zino,' but it's linked to Zino. And with Zino, we still have a very great name, well known. The second thing, that's obvious to everybody, is we put a lot of money behind it, in an amount which normally is not done in advance. If we weren't successful, then the risk is that a part of this money invested in advance would be lost.


Q: Do you think that your target customer for Zino Platinum might not smoke cigars right now?

A: Hopefully, we will be able to bring a lot of new people into the cigar-smoking segment of the population. But, for sure, we will be able to make it more attractive because it is so different, that young, hip people would go for such cigar packaging or such ads.


Q: Is Scepter off to a better start than Crown?

A: Sure. The higher the mountain you are climbing, the less oxygen you are able to inhale, so the quantities of a cigar you are selling at $39 must be limited.


Q: What does Zino Platinum do to your other Zino cigars?

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