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An Interview With Dr. Reto Cina

President and Chief Executive Officer, Oettinger/Davidoff Group
David Savona
From the Print Edition:
Andy Garcia, Mar/April 2004

(continued from page 3)

A: Yes. I mean, let's take Avo. It's a really big brand in the U.S. It's doing well in Germany and Switzerland and in other European countries, but honestly, in the Far East, where we are really successful with Davidoff, we have a hard time.

Q: Why?

A: In Asian countries, people are looking for the big names. And it is much easier for us to get them buying a Davidoff cigar than an Avo. That is certainly a reason why it is so difficult to start new lines throughout the world. It's a hard thing.


Q: During your tenure as CEO of the Group, it seems as if Davidoff has become considerably more aggressive in coming out with new cigars. Is that accurate?

A: We have always been known for excellent quality, no doubt about it. But the launching of new products was certainly not at the level it is now. Of course, at the time, this need for new products was by far not as important as it is nowadays. But I believe that also we were taking, in a rather short period of time, a big step forward, opening, first of all, new avenues in promoting cigars with Avo in Switzerland, for instance. Also within the Davidoff brands, we are launching new products at a quite different level.


Q: And you've got some very big ones, like Davidoff Millennium.

A:  That was really the big event, that we were able to produce such a well-balanced and consistent cigar pleasing all these people complaining about the fact that Davidoff, since we left Cuba, has no really strong, aromatic cigars. I believe that with this Millennium blend, we are very near to that kind of taste, having at the same time, qualitywise, an excellent cigar. So we cover both sides, on one side the quality and on the other side the taste.


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