An Interview with Litto Gomez and Ines Lorenzo-Gomez

Owners, La Flor Dominicana

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CA: Does that direct approach extend into the marketing area?
Lorenzo-Gomez: [with mock exasperation] Marketing. [laughter] Why are you asking me about marketing? We don't do any marketing. We do it ourselves. We go see everybody. I talk to everybody on the phone. We only advertise in Cigar Aficionado.
CA: But I've been told you are a very hands-on marketer. You take an involved role with each of the retailers that sell your cigars.
Lorenzo-Gomez: I answer the phone, I go through every single order that comes into the office. Even if I'm not there, when I get back I want to make sure, I want to know where the cigars are going, who is buying what, what the consumers are saying.
Gomez: That department is where you can reach perfection, and I think Ines achieves that as much as any human being can. She deals with retailers. They can call about an order that was shipped two months ago and she can tell them without looking at a paper, "Yes, I sent you this and that and that," and she remembers everything. And so it is very simple when a customer calls our o
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