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Ron Perelman

Ron Perelman, one of the wealthiest men in America, sits down for his first ever Q&A.
Marvin R. Shanken
From the Print Edition:
Ron Perelman, Spring 95

(continued from page 7)

Shanken: Your father has never smoked cigars?

Perelman: No.

Shanken: Has he ever commented on your smoking cigars?

Perelman: No.

Shanken: Why do you think people like you and me and all the Cigar Aficionado readers out there have been drawn to cigars? What is the pleasure? What is the factor that makes us so passionate?

Perelman: I think it gives real pleasure. It gives me a sense of relaxation that almost nothing else does--except maybe a glass of wine. It gives me a real sense of being able to have a moment of luxury in the middle of whatever I'm doing.

Shanken: Tell me, because the people reading this magazine have the same frustrations as you do. Do you steer clear of restaurants that don't welcome your cigar? Or do restaurants accommodate you because you're Ron Perelman?

Perelman: No. I think I pretty much gravitate toward restaurants that allow cigar smoking, partly because it's so important to me to smoke, particularly after dinner. But from a purely financial point of view, if somebody is not going to support my business, I'm certainly not going to support their business. I think that today, most of the good restaurants, particularly in New York, do allow smoking.

Shanken: What are some of your favorites where you know you're welcome to smoke?

Perelman: '21' Club, Le Cirque, Coco Pazzo, Harry's. They're mostly restaurants that have an old New York flair, like '21,' or a heavy European clientele who have been and continue to be strong cigar smokers.

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