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An Interview with Jose Padrón

Chairman, Piloto Cigars Inc.
Marvin R. Shanken
From the Print Edition:
Gina Gershon, Sep/Oct 98

(continued from page 11)

George Padrón: Yes, and the style of the cigars have changed, too. Back then, a lot of the production was short fill.

CA: What is the history of the Anniversary, one of your best cigars?

George Padrón: I'll answer that. Before we entered the nationwide market in 1993, we had primarily produced for the Miami area. At the time, we had sold more than 130 million cigars, mostly in the Miami area, thanks to a number of things, including write-ups in national newspapers. We also had done some direct mail sales.

CA: From the Miami factory?

George Padrón: From the factory. We also began to have production in Honduras in 1979 as well as Nicaragua.

CA: Where were the cigars rolled?

George Padrón: They have been rolled in Nicaragua and Honduras. We stopped producing out of Miami around 1974 and all production shifted to Nicaragua at that point.

CA: Last year, you produced 3.4 million cigars. How many were made in Honduras and how many in Nicaragua?

George Padrón: About 30 percent of the cigars come from Honduras.

CA: Do you still have back orders?

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