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Dan Blumenthal

Marvin R. Shanken interviews the man behind Hoyo de Monterrey and Punch.
Marvin R. Shanken
From the Print Edition:
Linda Evangelista, Autumn 95

(continued from page 9)

Blumenthal: About 45 to 55 million in Tampa.

C.A.: What are the brand names of the machine-made cigars?

Blumenthal: Lord Beaconsfield, Villa de Cuba, Pedro Iglesias, Villazon Deluxe, Top Stone and Eden. But a lot of our production goes to mail-order houses. We make some other brands for some other manufacturers, which I don't want to divulge.

C.A.: What about exports? Which is your biggest brand in the international market?

Blumenthal: Excalibur is the only brand we have in an international market, except brands that we make for someone else. Because we can't use Hoyo de Monterrey, we developed a brand called Excalibur, which we sell in Germany and England. And we sell the Flor del Caribe in Europe too.

C.A.: So how big is your export business?

Blumenthal: It's a little over a million cigars, a million two, a million three...

C.A.: And it's growing?

Blumenthal: Yeah. We also make cigars for Hunters & Frankau, La Invicta and Don Ramos, and we make San Pedro Sula for the Germans.

C.A.: In the United States, Excalibur is a line extension for Hoyo de Monterrey. What made you decide to come up with a line extension for it and the Punch Grand Cru?

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