Tobacco Barn Coffee Table Book

Posted: May 7, 2009

There's a simple majesty to the grand old tobacco barns in the Northeast. The recently published Tobacco Sheds of the Connecticut River Valley (Schiffer Publishing) by Darcy Purinton and Dale F. Cahill shows readers the many varieties of barns dotting the land, from Hartford to Massachusetts, where some of the world's finest tobacco is grown: golden brown Connecticut shade, and the black, robust Connecticut broadleaf.

The book has some text, but it's the photos that make it worth thumbing through. One of the things that make the barns so beautiful to behold is their individuality.

Some barns are long, others tall, one is built with the boards running vertically, another horizontally, few are new, and many show the freckles and scars of age, such as a scattering of new boards put in for repair shining brightly against those dulled by the fierce northeast winters and hot summers.

The authors previously published a calendar on tobacco barns, and this book shows their maturation as photographers.

The book paints a far more detailed picture than can 12 pages of calendar photos. Use the book to get more in-depth knowledge of the tobacco barns in Connecticut—or to simply have some fine photos to peruse while you're smoking your next cigar.

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