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More Confessions of a Weekend Golfer: Playing
on One Good Knee

Marvin R. Shanken
From the Print Edition:
Daniel Craig, November/December 2008

(continued from page 2)


(three months after surgery) I was finally beginning to feel like a human being again. Physical therapy appointments three times a week had helped a great deal.

Over a period of a week, I played 12 holes at Sebonack with Steve Ross, nine holes at The Bridge with my great pal Tony Bryant and 18 at Shinnecock with Ray Herrmann, John Esposito and his son John Jr. On the final round, I played without pain even though I was still hobbling a bit.

My mind was centered on only one thing: would I be well enough to play in the Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland in early October? I wasn't sure I could walk three consecutive days. At the Dunhill tournament, there are no carts.


(three months and a week after surgery) At least weekly I had been on the phone with my good friend from South Africa, Johann Rupert. Johann is the organizer behind the Dunhill Links Championship. "How's your knee doing? Are you coming to the Dunhill?" he had asked. All along I had been telling him, "My progress has been slow. I will decide by mid-September, it's up to my doctor."

Well today, I had my appointment with Dr. Altchek to review my knee's recovery. I was brought into one of his private examination rooms where he asked me what was going on with my knee. I told him that the pain was mostly gone, but that my knee felt a little weak and unstable, and while I could walk up stairs, awkwardly, I was unable to walk down steps. He then gave me a few exercises that he said should help take care of this.

I finally asked him about going to the Dunhill Links Championship. He asked when it was. I explained, in one month in Scotland. He then uttered, "I think you could and should go." A big smile took over my face. I wanted to kiss and hug him! My saga of pain, depression and contemplation of suicide was over. In October, I would be off to the Dunhill Cup. The Shotmaker is back!

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