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Out of the Closet Home Brewer

Michael Marsh
Posted: September 18, 2007

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Damn. I was positive those caps were on as secure as they could be. Oh well, I was happy with the results. Plus, there's Papazian's formula again. "Relax. Don't worry. Have a homebrew." So I did. My own.

The Aftermath

So am I a certified beer geek now? I don't feel like I am -- at least not completely -- but I am out of the closet, for once you make one homebrew, it's like you're forever painted with that brush. The truth is, I feel liberated. I'm also encouraged. Not one person who drank my beer croaked and no one was forced to bow down to the porcelain god. Even Jim Koch had a few good things to say.

In the end, I don't know when I'll brew my next beer, but I definitely will. In the meantime, I have a new appreciation for beer and the process of brewing those sweet, sweet suds.

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