Rush and Arnold Strike Accord with Cigars

Radio personality, Republican Party pundit and Cigar Aficionado Spring '94 cover star Rush Limbaugh crossed swords recently on his radio show with former action-movie hero, current California governor and two-time Cigar Aficionado cover star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The two had a difference of opinion in regards to policy decisions Schwarzenegger had made in his state. The feud did not last long, however, and the olive branch came in the form of premium cigars and a handcrafted humidor.

The governor sent Limbaugh a humidor made by Daniel Marshall featuring the California governor's seal on the top of the lid. Schwarzenegger signed the humidor to Limbaugh on the underside of the lid and included some Churchill-sized Daniel Marshall brand cigars, wrapped in a Schwarzenegger signature band.

Maybe all political disputes could be fixed this way.

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