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Vodka Revisited: Two That We Missed

Jack Bettridge
Posted: August 14, 2006

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Already available throughout Europe, Perfect 1864 was recently released in New Orleans, Rhode Island, Connecticut and South Carolina, and by next year should be available throughout the U.S. at prices ranging from $40 to $45. Visit



Suggested cocktails:

The Perfect Wave
1 1/2 parts Perfect Vodka 1/2 part Blue Curacao 2 parts pineapple juice 4 parts sour mix Shake vigorously, serve as long drink Garnish with pineapple wedge or orange and cherry The Perfect Gentleman
1 1/2 parts Perfect vodka 1/2 part coffee liqueur Pour over ice in rocks glass The Perfect Scenario
2 Parts Perfect vodka 1 part apple schnapps Splash pomegranate juice Shake/stir over ice, strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with green apple wedge



Yes! is the answer to the question: "Can American marketers apply the Dutch tradition for gin making be to vodka?"

The story goes that the three partners in the brand, two of whom had been involved in bringing Stolichnaya to the U.S., initially thought of Russia or Poland when they considered a vodka venture. They changed their minds when they met Rene Vriends, of A.H. Wanders B.V. distillery, who suggested the quadruple filtering method used for gin in Holland if they were to produce a sipping vodka with no flavoring.

Yes! also uses fine wheat grain, but sources water purified through reverse osmosis. After distillation the spirit goes through the four-method filtration process: (in order) chill, charcoal-, micro- and crystal-filtering.

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