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The new Ambiente humidors are one of the better deals on the market today, carrying on the tradition of Daniel Marshall's lower-priced brand.

This Ambiente is a straight shot for a customer who just wants a quality humidor. The brand excludes the decorative touches seen on higher priced boxes and has some rough spots, such as slightly askew veneer wood grains and minor color variations. However, the humidors are known to be reliable performers, maintaining 70 percent humidity with an easy setup.

The 2005 model is decked out in light beige and dark-brown striped African zebrawood with a lacquered finish. It has a Spanish cedar interior -- like all Daniel Marshall humidors -- an Ambiente magnetized humidifier, adjustable cedar dividers, and a key and lock. Optional extras include a digital hygrometer, cedar top tray and magnetic marking calendar.

The box has about a 150-cigar capacity and comes with a suggested price tag of $300. Daniel Marshall's humidors, both Ambiente and the limited-edition series, have garnered critical praise from Cigar Aficionado magazine and have been rated with some of the best in the world. The Ambiente was called the "work horse" of humidors in the March/April 1997 edition of Cigar Aficionado, where it was also named a "Best Buy."

Daniel Marshall humidors are made in California and available at retail tobacconists. For more information, go to

Don Woutat Coupeville, WA, US, January 27, 2016 3:52pm ET
Re the Boveda acrylic humidor: if plastic does the job just as well, why have we bothered with Spanish cedar all these years? What was that about? Other than the aesthetics that go with a handsome wooden box, of course.

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