Ashton Cigar Cases

Michael Moretti
Posted: August 1, 2005
The Ashton Cigar Cases offer a softer approach to cigar transportation.

While many cases on the market will feature a hard exterior, the Ashton cases are quite soft and malleable, yet they're still able to protect your cigars. Hard cases, while durable, seldom hold the cigars snugly, allowing the delicate goods inside to bounce around, especially if you are toting different length and ring gauge smokes. Ashton's cases cradle the cigars flush, and can expand and contract to account for variations in size. These benefits come at the sacrifice of cedar lining, which is included in many products with harder shells.

Stitched in Germany, Ashton cases are made of leather and edged in acrylic, which the company claims wears well with the jostling your case receives from being pulled in and out of pockets and briefcases. They come in four sizes: Churchill, corona gorda, robusto and cigarillo and three varieties: Matte (black), Embossed (black) and Jungle (brown leather detailed in tiger-like stripes).

The Ashton cases range in price from $60 to $90. They are available through authorized retailers or through Holt's Cigar catalogs and online stores. For more information, go to

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