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Grappa on the Go

Jack Bettridge
Posted: March 31, 2005

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Alexander Platinum, vintage-dated and 60 percent alcohol (120 proof), made from two signature grapes of the region, Amarone and its dessert wine counterpart, Recioto di Amarone, quite floral, even perfumed, with intense berry flavors and spice.

Bottega, whose family ventures also include wine, mineral water, lemon-flavored grappa and olive oil, has become something of an ambassador for grappa. He touts it not only for familiar uses (a digestif served neat), but to be served on the rocks, with desserts, in cocktails and, of course, in the aforementioned aerosol form. In addition to proselytizing for the category, he has used grappa to create mixed drinks, with names like the Alexander Ragtime and Italian Wife, and recipes for spaghetti, prawns, plum mousse and crepes.

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