Laguiole Cigar Scissors

Many smokers believe that their cigar cutter says as much about them as the cigar that it's clipping, but it can be difficult finding an elegant cutter that you don't mind leaving out on the bar for others to admire. The Laguiole cigar scissors is just that -- a stylish and effective accessory that will undoubtedly replace the cheap-o single-blade guillotine you've been using.

Handcrafted in Laguiole, France, the scissors feature all the trademarks that have made Laguiole knives and corkscrews world-renowned for 175 years. The scissors -- which resemble a barber's straight razor -- are made of durable stainless steel and are sharp enough to make smooth, precision cuts. The curved handles, which come in a variety of woods and horn tip, are sleek and classy. Its spine is ornately engraved and the heel of the handle has Laguiole's trademark Imperial Bee. The cutter itself is lightweight, easy to use, and durable. With the proper care and maintenance (polishing and sharpening), you won't need to purchase another cutter for a long time.

Retailing for approximately $169 depending on the style choice, the Laguiole cigar scissors comes with a protective leather pouch, and its quality and craftsmanship are guaranteed. For more information on the Laguiole cigar cutter and other knives, go to

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