The Megapump

Michael Moretti
Posted: January 19, 2004

With the Megapump lighter from Vector, you look forward to lighting your cigar almost as much as you look forward to smoking it.

The all-metal lighter could easily pass for a welder's tool or a side arm. Inspired by an old-fashioned oil lamp, the lighter has been revamped into a high-powered torch for the twenty-first century cigar smoker. What was once the oil valve of yesteryear now becomes the ignition button, a flickering flame transforms into the windproof turbo torch, and the five-ounce-capacity fuel tank, once made to hold oil, is now a butane reserve.

Weighing in at approximately 28 ounces and standing about five inches high, three inches wide and five inches long, you won't be carting the Megapump to the cigar bar unless you plan on wearing a holster. Its performance is inconsistent, sometimes taking three or four clicks to spark the flame, and it has no fuel-monitoring window, but it boasts tremendous power (watch those eyebrows!), has a solid, sturdy structure and will make your cigar-smoking buddies jealous.

The Megapump retails for $100 and is available in eight styles, including gunmetal, chrome and gold finishes. For more information, call (323) 726-2000.

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