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Brush Off the Plume?

If after aging my cigars for a few years and they develop plume, do I brush it all off or do I smoke the cigar with the plume still on the cigar?
Posted: July 7, 2014

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First some definitions.

Plume is a light, whitish layer of fuzz that can develop on cigars as they age in a humidor. Plume doesn't hurt cigars and is actually a sign that they're aging properly.

Sometimes people mistake plume for mold, which can ruin cigars and is a sign that the air in the humidor is too warm and/or humid. Mold has a bluish tint and tends to develop in spots rather than evenly across the surface of a cigar, as plume does.

Physical appearance aside, the easiest way to determine what's growing on your cigars is to apply the "rub test." Using your finger, try to rub the material off. If it flakes off it's plume, if it doesn't it's mold.

And if it's plume, rub the rest off your cigar, light up and enjoy.

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