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Covering Your Ash

Unlike smokers who let their cigars burn halfway down before flicking the ashes, I tend to ash often. I've noticed that my cigars often burn unevenly. Could this be related to how often I ash?
Posted: June 2, 2014

Yes, it could.

Oxygen feeds fire. The thicker the ash, the less oxygen reaches the burning portion of the cigar, and the slower it burns.

While too much ash can cause a cigar to go out more quickly, too little ash can cause it to burn too quickly and, often, unevenly. And with no ash to protect it, you may inadvertently knock off the entire burning portion, a.k.a. the "cherry," forcing you to re-light.

Ideally, try to keep the end of your cigar covered with a thin band of ash. It will protect the cherry and regulate the burn.

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Comments   3 comment(s)

Jacob Howlett — Battle Ground, Washington, USA,  —  June 2, 2014 12:16pm ET

Respect the Ash! I give my ash total freedom to do as it will. A nice long ash is, in my humble opinion, proof of a well constructed stick and premium leaf.

Shane Needham June 3, 2014 3:28am ET

Sometimes I find myself judging the quality of my cigar by the size, texture, or length of the ash. HHMMMM....

Taylor Franklin June 9, 2014 10:34am ET

Don't be an ash! leave the ash alone . . .

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