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Same Box, So Why the Uneven Burn?

I recently bought a box of cigars. To my surprise, many haven't burned evenly. I've kept them in properly humidified conditions. What is the problem? Are they too tight? Is it a problem of quality control?
Posted: March 24, 2014

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Assuming that you bought the cigars at a reputable store, there could be a couple of explanations.

It may be that they were over- or under-humidified at some stage before you got them and they haven't returned to equilibrium. Or it may be that the tobacco was still quite young when you bought them.

In either case, let the cigars age for six months or more in your humidor, then try again. If you are not getting any "gummy" sensation on your lips, which is a sign of improperly fermented wrapper tobacco, time should help ease the problem.

If the gumminess persists, time won't help; the tobacco is just too raw.

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