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The Darkest Day

Fifty years later, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories still swirl around the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
Peter Kornbluh
From the Print Edition:
Liev Schreiber, November/December 2013

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Fifty years later, that sad fact remains the ultimate historical irony of the Kennedy assassination.

Peter Kornbluh is an analyst at the National Security Archive, and is coauthor of a forthcoming book on the history of dialog between the U.S. and Cuba.

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Comments   2 comment(s)

Guy Buscema — Calvisson, Gard, France,  —  November 9, 2013 4:04am ET

Dear sirs,
A lot of bla blas around J.F.K.'s death but the facts are ,he's dead and we'll never know the turth, will we ? An Embargo that has lasted 50 years ,Well,at least the U.S.A. has done somthing useless and got away with It for 50 years now with everyone who voted aganist It at the U.N.Must I remind the U.S.A.
that Cuba IS NOT A THREAT anymore for anyone .
But It was never one but Cultural, It ha

Guy Buscema — Calvisson, Gard, France,  —  November 9, 2013 4:17am ET

Dear sirs, A lot of bla,bla's have been said but the fact is there,He's dead,and that's all .We'll nerver know the turth,will we ? All that to say that the U.S.A. has gotten away with 50 years of an enbargo that serves nothing but dissapointments, that's all ,Aganist all the votes in the U.N. Cuba is not a milltary threat but an even more important one, CULTERAL one ? as it has alway
been.Thank you .
Guy, France

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