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Treating the Tapered Cigar

I have several Ashton Cabinet cigars, each with tapered feet. Do I need to do anything special to them before lighting?

You don't have to, but you can.

Perfectos such as your Ashtons and Arturo Fuente Hemingways all taper at the foot and head. Some, like your Ashtons, taper to a very small point. Most people simply light the small foot directly. Its design is intended to allow a fat cigar to be lit with relative ease, and relatively quickly. Just understand that the draw won't fully open until the cigar burns a bit to a fatter point. (Take care when lighting perfectos. The taper can concentrate the flame as you puff and light creating a mini-torch of sorts that can catch your finger if you're not careful.)

We know some cigar aficionados who clip a small bit from the tapered foot to shorten the time where the draw becomes full, but we like to take our time and enjoy the cigar the way the manufacturer intended. These are some of the hardest cigar shapes to roll, and smoking them slowly is a great pleasure.

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