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Cigar Catering?

I am running an event and thought booking a master cigar roller to roll and distribute handmade cigars to the guests would be a nice touch. Do you know of anyone who does this?
Posted: September 23, 2013

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Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, dinner party, wine tasting or a corporate event, a freshly rolled fine cigar adds a bit of class to the occasion.

To our knowledge, nearly every major metropolitan area in the United States is served by some company that specializes in cigar rolling event services. Some of the better known cigar caterers are La Rosa Cubana Cigars in New York City, 2nd Street Cigars & Gallery in Los Angeles, the Boston Cigar Factory in Boston and CF Dominicana, which serves Chicago as well as nineteen other major cities.

Most people don’t have the chance to visit a cigar factory, so such events bring the art of the torcedore to you. Take a moment to watch the time involved in making a cigar and notice the skill required to turn simple leaves into a lovely cigar.

Smoking a freshly rolled cigar is not the ideal way to enjoy a premium cigar—the cigars tend to be more moist than cigars you buy in a store, and often require several relights. To keep cigar-smoking guests happy, these cigar catering services will often pass out a set number of pre-rolled cigars that are meant to be smoked immediately. And while such operations rarely have access to the types of aged tobaccos that famous cigar companies have, the smokes can be pleasant.

These operations can also provide cigar servers to serve and light the cigars for guests. And many cigar caterers offer hosts the option of creating a customized cigar band that the master roller will affix onto the rolled-on-site cigars, essentially turning them into memorable souvenirs.

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