A Double-Barreled Smoke From Felipe Gregorio

If you were to take two petit coronas, light them up at the same time and smoke both cigars simultaneously, you'd be experiencing something similar to what Felipe Gregorio Inc. offers in its new 3 Tierras Maximo Ligero. It's one of the most unique cigars to be released this year, and according to brand owner Philip Wynn, he was the first to create the double-barreled, or dual-bore, format that allows one to smoke two separate cigars at once.

Each bore of 3 Tierras Maximo Ligero is a 5 inch by 38 ring gauge petit corona. One is made purely of Nicaraguan ligero from Estelí and the other of Criollo '98 ligero from the Dominican Republic. The two little cigars are held together by two binders—Dominican and Nicaraguan—and finished with a Dominican wrapper.

"The construction of the cigar allows the delivery of the ligero directly to your palate," said Wynn. "This way, you have the two ligeros merging together, giving you the opportunity to taste the purity of each leaf." The belicoso tip makes it easier to smoke the two petit coronas in tandem.

This is not the first time that Felipe Gregorio has made a double-barreled cigar. Three Tierras debuted in 2005 and it came in two sizes, Escopeta and Lupara. The new 3 Tierras Maximo Ligero, however, is a completely different blend. The cigar comes in only one size and is packaged in boxes of 10. Retailing for $8.00 each, 3 Tierras Maximo Ligero has already begun shipping to tobacconists.

Jeremiah Wood Athens, GA, August 21, 2013 5:12pm ET
1. Why?

2. "This way, you have the two ligeros merging together, giving you the opportunity to taste the purity of each leaf." This seems to be a contradiction.
Christian August 22, 2013 10:58am ET
I recall smoking the Tierras in '05. They really didn't do it for me but the idea was interesting to say the least. I'd probably try these again for the novelty of it and compare.

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