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Dueling Vermouth Anniversary Releases

Jack Bettridge
Posted: July 26, 2013

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Cocktail suggestions: It would be a shame not to try this first over rocks with the ally of a medium-to-full-body cigar that has plenty of sweet flavor. Then again, a Manhattan and a Rob Roy are clearly made for this. But also try, as the company suggests, an El Presidente. It's a classic rum cocktail, only we substituted Bacardi 8 for the usual white rum to match the body of the Vermouth.

Noilly Prat Ambré (32 proof, or 16 percent alcohol by volume, $24.99 a 750 milliliter bottle): The color follows a truth-in-labeling ethos to a tee, however there is a sense of honey to the hue as well. You're expecting something between Noilly's white and red entrants, but the teeter-totter shifts far closer to the sweet red-especially at first blush. It's a big lush vermouth, but then come nuances of pears, apples, even bananas that gives it texture and substance beyond the honey.

Cocktail suggestions: Again, this just has to be tasted neat or on the rocks while conspiring with a cigar. Go with a lighter-bodied smoke, but not too sweet. The vermouth will provide that. Of course, you'll want to blast off with a Manhattan or Rob Roy. But also consider a Negroni (vermouth, gin and Campari) and the Gin & It cocktail, with the Ambré replacing red vermouth in this Sweet Martini.

We couldn't resist: If you have both products in the same place at the same time, it is a sin not to build a variation on the Perfect Manhattan. In our case: 1 part Ambré, 1 part Gran Lusso, 3 parts Colonel E.H. Taylor straight rye whiskey. I can see again!

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