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Crawford Rose Quartz Ashtray

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A nasty rumor is circulating through the cigar community that the day of smoking glamor is gone.

Not so. To paraphrase Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard: cigars are glamorous, it’s the way we smoke them that got tawdry. To fight back against a tide of stogies hastily smoked on back porches with ashes shamefully tapped into a Solo paper cup, Crawford Silver gives us its rose quartz ashtray, a substantial accoutrement that says: this is an elegant pursuit and it’s not going anywhere.

Pride is the endgame of this lavish work of craftsmanship—a raw, eye-catching beauty well beyond the means of its utilitarian cousins. Perfect when smoking jackets and brandy snifters are in order, it comes from an English silversmith known for old-school skill sets and whimsical designs.

Your piece begins with a solid block of rose quartz of approximately two cubic feet mined from the province of Jaipur in Northern India. A historied stone, rose quartz has been used in carvings for centuries. Two artisans cut the stone by hand, reducing the block to a perfectly polished ashtray over a period of weeks. Meanwhile, silversmiths in London create the lift-out tray that seats four cigars. The tapper in the center gets a 24-karat-gold wash as a finishing touch, and initials or motifs for the top of the staff can be custom-made to order.

At a price of $6,500 per unit, it’s not an impulse buy. This is the crowning centerpiece to a perfected, formal-attire man cave. And if rose quartz isn’t quite your style, the piece is available to order in other semiprecious stones, including tigerseye and malachite.


Bill Carrington New Jersey, U.S.A., October 16, 2013 11:05pm ET
Nice if that's how you roll, but don't fool yourselves into thinking that it's not us backyard guys that are pushing the cigar industry. Lol.
Chris White October 21, 2013 5:14am ET
@Bill Carrington. I agree. While I currently sit in the smoking lounge at Kepinski Hotel Beijing, this is not how I regularly smoke. In fact its almost always backyard smoking yet I have never found myself using a solo cup. Slightly insulting writing from the guys at CA. There are plenty of great looking ashtrays that wont set you back $6,500 for us lowly "backyard" smokers can use.

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