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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Jeff Bridges, July/August 2013

Dear Marvin,

I’ve been a subscriber to Cigar Aficionado magazine for many years. It is simply a great publication. My wife subscribes to Wine Spectator and finds it to be amazing as well. You print a terrific product with profoundly interesting articles.

Your editorial in the last issue was exceptional. The last three paragraphs were incredible and the words were so on the mark. The lighting and smoking of “a good stick” is so much more than the actual activity involved. I find the camaraderie and the social graces of lighting up a cigar and having a great drink and discussing the day’s events to be one of the great pleasures of life. The cigar is so important to the situation. The way you expressed this in your eloquent editorial was pure poetry. I will always look forward to the next issue and sincerely wish it was monthly.

In these days, when it is getting harder to find a place to smoke, I appreciate all that you do on our behalf.

Richard Stain,
North Woodmere, New York

Dear Marvin,

I have a question about the Cuban cigar industry and hope to settle an ongoing debate between a friend and me. Question: What kind of selection process do Cuban cigars go through prior to winding up on the shelves of various retailers?

I have heard from reliable sources that there is no intentional shipping of lesser-quality cigars to certain markets, or preferential treatment to other markets regarding the quality of cigars they receive. What is unclear is whether or not there are “seconds,” or over-runs, or if there are quantities of Habanos sold to wholesale operations prior to being banded and boxed. Is every cigar produced by the Cuban cigar industry banded, boxed, stamped and sealed at the factory before ever being released for sale?

If you can settle this debate without giving away any industry secrets I would be grateful.

Peter Worsham
Bellevue, Washington

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