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Final Word on Finish

You often refer to a cigar's 'finish' in your tasting notes. Can you define this term for me?
Posted: May 13, 2013

Finish is a tasting term.

A common word used by wine tasters, it refers to the taste that lingers on the palate after you've swallowed, or spit, a sip of wine.

In wine, one of the factors in determining complexity is the length and depth of the finish. The same is true for cigars. Take a puff, swirl the smoke around in your mouth, and blow it out.

Concentrate on the taste in your mouth after the smoke is gone. Sure, some mild cigars aren't going to have much finish, either in terms of length or complexity. But stronger, more full-bodied cigars will have distinctive flavors that linger for quite a while.

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Comments   2 comment(s)

Taylor Franklin May 15, 2013 10:40am ET

Since giving-up the razor; bushy beard and moustache the aroma-finish from my cigar or pipe lasts until the next showering.

I'm sure Mr. Savona will attest to this. I quite like the day-old smoke aroma from quality tobacco.

David Savona May 15, 2013 12:22pm ET

Yes, those of us with beards do tend to carry the aroma of our beloved cigars with us a little longer than our clean-shaven brethren.

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