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Posted: April 15, 2013

Every guy needs a place all his own, and for an increasing number of cigar aficionados, that place is a man cave.

The rooms come in all shapes, sizes and styles. They can be fancy or ornate, elaborate or simple, but what makes each one special is the personal touch each owner provides.

For our June story on man caves, we found example after example of cigar-friendly rooms from around the United States and around the world.

Peruse our gallery of man caves here, and to read all about the man cave phenomenon and get expert tips on how to create your own, read the story Man Caves from the June 2013 Cigar Aficionado, on newsstands everywhere beginning April 23.


Frank Sisti: This smoking room is a perfect getaway for any man, replete with luxury. In addition to a walk-in wine cellar, the man cave also has an all-wood bar (fully stocked), pool table, poker table and plenty of couch space to watch the flatscreen TV.
Vincent Sciarretta, Darien, Connecticut: This 300-square-foot, smoking sanctuary is decorated in cherry millwork and solid fieldstone cut from the backyard.
Paul Hunt: Plush, comfortable seating and plenty of natural light make this smoking room the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a lit cigar.
Jozsef Petrenyi: While Jozsef's man cave may not appear luxurious, the converted attic does fulfill the most important requirement of any smoking den—cigars can be freely enjoyed.
Prokopios Sotos, Montreal, Quebec: "Finally, a man cave where we can sit back and enjoy a good cigar and drinks with family and friends, especially during our long, cold winters. All this thanks to my amazing wife who made this 20 year dream a reality for my 50th birthday."
Ernesto Alarcón: "The cave's favorite corner—my humidor and above, the entire Cigar Aficionado Magazine collection. 115 issues and counting..."
Kevin Monaghan, New Jersey: "Spent lots of time making it the man cave that it is. Collected wine crates for years from my time as a bartender and used them as a wall/art piece in the wine room. The crates take up most of one wall and make a nice focal point. For the cigar part of the room, I have a heavy duty exhaust fan on an adjustable switch and a CT-500 smoke eater that does the job for up to five people. I closed off my forced air/heat and added baseboard heat with a thermostat. I have the room separated by two different floors, hickory in the cigar room and brick tiles in the wine room. A leather couch and recliner with a four drawer humidor/coffee table in the cigar room. As far as entertainment, I have a 52-inch flatscreen TV with surround sound. My friends who also enjoy the room helped me build the room and make it the awesome space that it is."
Stephen Thompson: "My simple man cave—I stripped out the workshop area of my garage, roughly 10 feet by 20 feet, and had a local handyman crew put in industrial paneling, painted, for walls and ceiling. Insulated the room and put in Pergo flooring. They installed a ceiling exhaust fan as well as a small window for extra ventilation. The room is heated/cooled by one of those units you see in smaller hotels. More than enough. I love I got to decorate it any way I wanted—my collection of hats and motorcycle things. My wife loves that I have the stuff outside, too. It's been such a reward and I've never once second guessed the investment. There's nothing like escaping to my space and reading, watching football, and/or working. And being able to enjoy a great cigar anytime. My adult son comes over a fair amount and we have great talks over good drinks and cigars. I've worked hard all my life and this is a reward. And all it took was some creativity to plan and build out on a budget. But again...priceless! My advice: Work with what you have and make the best of it."
Jason Converse: "My man cave is pretty simple but is just right for me. It's a space I was able to negotiate during the Great Basement Finish of 2012. I know bells and whistles are cool—but comfy chairs, a cigar and a TV are all one really needs. Remember what makes enjoying the cave possible—family support!! Drawings from my kids are the first thing I see when I enter and the last I see when I leave. When I constructed the cave, the basement floor was concrete. I used a garage epoxy kit for my flooring and it is my favorite thing about the construction. Easy to install and clean, cheap, looks great and has a real cool factor!"
Bob Chua, Malaysia: "With my love for old British planes, and the need for privacy and sophistication, I have built the ultimate man cave to share with my friends and our collection of rare whiskies and approximately 20,000 cigars. This room is our "hurricane room," equipped with WiFi, access to a personal butler and nestled behind a trapdoor to keep wives, kids and everyone else out. We codename it WHISKY TANGO FOXTROT."






Spence Harris April 15, 2013 3:26pm ET
Every man needs a cave to get away from the everyday monotony!!!!
Kyle S Nashville, TN, USA, April 16, 2013 9:31am ET
All are very cool!
Phil M April 16, 2013 2:10pm ET
I hope to build one of my own one day.
Paul Hunt East Bethel, MN, April 17, 2013 8:55am ET
There are some great ideas to add to my man cave. I still have some artwork to add. I enjoy seeing these man caves!
Rudi de Groot CALGARY, AB, CANADA, April 23, 2013 2:55pm ET
This is quite depressing to look at.
Marshall Toomey August 1, 2013 9:22pm ET
I need the addresses so I can stop by every one of them and chill and have a good smoke. (smile)

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