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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Ernie Els, November/December 2012

Dear Marvin,

First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone associated with Cigar Aficionado for 20 years of great smokes, great drinks and great conversation. I came to cigars near the tail end of the great “cigar boom” of the 1990s and, like probably many of your readers, relied on your publication the way an earlier generation relied on the Farmer’s Almanac. Before the explosion of Internet blogs and cigar forums, I trusted the magazine to keep me informed on industry trends, cigar-related legislation and simply what to look for when I went to my local tobacconist. Though Cigar Aficionado has more company today, it is still the first and best source for living “the good life” available anywhere.

Much has changed in 20 years (like the fact that the 20th anniversary issue is part of my digital subscription!) and I couldn’t help but notice, sadly, how many within the pages of the anniversary issue—from cover celebrities to Gay Talese—now admit to smoking cigars infrequently or not at all. Punitive taxation has made our pastime more expensive, but even when we are willing to spend a little more for our passion more and more of us find it a solitary indulgence. The camaraderie that has always been so much a part of the cigar lifestyle is fading. Twenty years later the faddists have moved on, the public health outcry has spooked all but the bravest—leaving many of our favorite haunts shuttered.

I enjoyed my first cigar with my younger brother. We have enjoyed many since, and many more have marked important events in our lives. And I think we have educated our friends and family, one nonsmoker at a time, on the relationship-building power of a cigar and the peace and contemplation it invites. We belong to a fraternity that would have been a footnote without the fine folks at Cigar Aficionado, as well as the many cigar families that practiced the craft of generations without today’s rock star celebrity. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Keep fighting the good fight, and we will do the same.

Sean K. Conroy
Saint Albans, West Virginia

Dear Marvin,

I have been enjoying your magazine for several years now, and always look forward to its arrival. After reading the 20th anniversary issue I was moved to let you know what a great publication you have, and how thoroughly I enjoyed this issue. I especially enjoyed reading your interview with Gordon Mott. Thank you for your dedication and passion, which is evident in each magazine you print.

Best regards,
Frank Nelson
Odessa, Florida

Dear Marvin,

I received the current issue of Cigar Aficionado and finally got to sit down to read it. Your interview with Mr. Gordon Mott was very interesting. I especially liked how you talk about how our government and some cities in this great country of ours have restricted us from the freedom of smoking cigars in public places and some outdoor locales. I’m fortunate enough to live in a state where those laws have not been passed yet and hopefully never will. As I write this letter I’m sitting in my garage enjoying a Casa Magna. One thing that I do have in common with you and 99 percent of all the smokers I know is the relaxation of smoking a cigar and the peace that it brings.

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