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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Cigar Aficionado's 20th Anniversary, September/October 2012

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I’ve been a longtime student of cigars and health. Twenty years of study convinces me that the scientific literature supports the notion that the health effects of cancer and heart disease for the one-or-two-cigar-per-day smoker are not significant. Unfortunately, much of the cigar “research” lately is riddled with false conclusions motivated by partisan political agendas. The science behind these conclusions is junk. It seems that the anti-tobacco scientists can’t play on a level field when it comes to giving us real interpretations surrounding cigars and health. More often than not, they resort to ludicrous examples such as comparing the carbon monoxide on a crowded freeway to unventilated concentrated cigar smoke, which of course has no bearing on the typical cigar smoker’s exposure to carbon monoxide. Cigar smoking and the surrounding health issues are
being demonized. When one actually studies the literature, there is no basis for this in fact.

Marc J. Schneiderman
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Dear Marvin,

I remember the time I saw the very first issue of Cigar Aficionado on the newsstand. I was so excited I could hardly pay for it at the bookstore without my hands shaking. I must have read it 20 times over within a couple of weeks. I immediately got a subscription and haven’t missed a single issue. Over the years I would read the Editors’ Note and hang onto every word and enjoy the articles and the pictures you were in. You almost always had a wonderful smile in your travels and with your good friends.

I was reading the latest issue and suddenly wondered what it would be like to be you. It seems like I already know you after following you all these years. I began to wonder if it would ever be possible to spend a few days in your company as an official guest of the magazine. I thought somehow that maybe you could have a write-in essay contest. Contestants could write a short essay on why they should be the one chosen and the winner could write a follow-up story about their experience.

It might be an interesting read for your subscribers. I know you are very busy and that time is precious, but by reading Cigar Aficionado all these years, you and Gordon Mott seem like family. I admire your efforts to prevent cancer and the other fundraising events you have. All the valuable information on tobacco, its history, growth, production, interviews with Castro and many celebrities look like a wonderful life. You have chosen a good direction that I envy. Good luck to you and your staff, and if you end up having the competition, I’d like this letter to be the first entry.

Guy Baird,
Duncan, Oklahoma

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