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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Cigar Aficionado's 20th Anniversary, September/October 2012

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I am a subscriber to both Cigar Aficionado and Whiskey Advocate. I look forward to learning new things while unwinding after a long day. After reading the last issue, I am reconsidering my subscription. The feature article on HBO’s “The Newsroom” disturbed me for the following reasons: My politics, and I would guess a large portion of your readership’s politics, differ greatly with Aaron Sorkin’s vision of America. In addition, HBO has a long history of left-wing bias in their programming. (The latest example being the placement of a severed head in the likeness of George W. Bush in a scene from HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” No bias there.) People of this ilk are the same people who are trying to ban cigars and/or tax the cigar industry out of existence.

My main objection however, is the total lack of relevance this article has to the cigar-loving community. After searching the article for the word “cigar,” I finally found a single paragraph on page 61 (The article begins on page 52) referencing actor Jeff Daniels enjoying having contraband cigars from Cuba several years ago and some memory of his grandfather and uncle being cigar smokers. This seemed to be an awkwardly placed reference to make the article appear relevant to the cigar community. It did not work.

If I want to read some left-wing puff piece, I’ll subscribe to Newsweek!

Brendan Walsh
Oceanside, New York

Editor’s Note: We believed from the second we heard about “The Newsroom” that it was tackling a subject near and dear to our hearts—the state of journalism in America. Whether or not Aaron Sorkin has a bias, you cannot deny that this show has been at the center of that debate since its premiere in June. If we have reached the point where the only people we can listen to are people who pass our ideological purtiy test and that we agree with, then we are in deep trouble. Debate. Challenge. Disagree. Those concepts are what we believe is the core of our strength as a nation. Otherwise, we might as well live in a country where no dissent is ever allowed.

We also do not subscribe to the idea that the only things we can publish have to be about cigars—we are always trying to explore areas of interest to intelligent, well-informed readers. Oh, and by the way, we have yet to discover any common ideological bond among the people driving anti-smoking campaigns—Democrats, Republicans, Independents, liberals and conservatives have all been on that bandwagon for a long time.

Dear Marvin,

One hundred years ago, Mark Twain enthralled audiences worldwide with his on-stage humor. Today, we call it “stand-up” comedy. Twain was a cigar smoker and smoked not only the very best, but very worst cigars available. Sometimes the cheaper smokes gave him greater pleasure. I suppose it all comes down to taste. Twain would give out expensive cigars to his guests and survey their reaction to the smokes. He often noted their displeasure on occasion. I wonder if the pleasure Twain experienced during these many smoking encounters helped the genius in his writings. I believe so, because the chemistry between the smoke and his intellect is what stimulated words that made the man so great. We all know a great smoke enhances the thought process. So light up. The cigar’s the thing.

James Caputo
Spring Hill, Florida

Editor’s Note: Interesting that you should quote Mark Twain. We actually managed a posthumous interview with the legendary novelist. See it on page page 138. You’ll find that 100 years has only sharpened his wit.

Dear Marvin,

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