Brick House to Offer "Teaser" Event Cigar

G. Clay Whittaker
Posted: June 25, 2012

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is releasing a new size of Brick House, and it’s a short smoke designed to offer the smoker the foundations of the blend in a fraction of the time. The Teaser is 3 1/2 inches-long by 56 ring and is built like a Brick House but smokes for just a few minutes. It’s meant to give a quick taste of the Nicaraguan puro.

J.C. Newman Cigar Co., the owner of the Brick House brand, says the cigars will pack the same complex flavors and aromas of as regular-sized cigar, and are designed to be “tasting” cigars. “Similar to a wine tasting,” they explain, “the size and blend gives the recipient just enough taste to experience the Brick House flavor.”

The company says the smoke will last approximately 20 minutes. “We literally wanted to provide a ‘tease’—just enough flavor to get them excited about the great flavor of Brick House cigars,” said Eric Newman, president of J.C. Newman, which is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

The Teaser does not have a suggested retail price at this point, as the smoke is not for sale and the company has no plans to release the cigar for purchase. For now, the small smokes will be available only at Newman’s Brick House events, given out free of charge to the first 50 people who attend Brick House Bashes. There are more than 40 events scheduled around the country between now and the end of the year.

Brick House Bashes kicked off earlier this month with simultaneous events in Maryland and Florida. A full schedule of events is available at

Jason Fowler Saint Louis , MO, USA, June 25, 2012 6:51pm ET
Wouldn't the people attending a "Brickhouse Bash" already be familiar with the flavor of Brickhouse? I would think it would make more sense to try to get it in the hands of folks that are not familiar with the sticks.
John Fought Clearwater, FL, USA, October 17, 2014 5:27pm ET
Received one at a Brick House event in Ybor City section of Tampa. Tried it today. Very tasty. Have had the brand before. Would recommend to anyone.

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