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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Brad Paisley, March/April 2012

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I have an observation about the size of cigars, based first on my own taste, and I think substantiated by looking at your Top 25 cigars. I prefer cigars that are about 6” by 50+ ring size—they seem to smoke the best, taste the best, last just the right amount of time and somehow just feel right in my hand. When I draw, they seem to deliver just the right amount of smoke.

Smaller, thinner cigars, or longer cigars just don’t hold the same attraction.

Each year I look at your Top 25, and this approximate size seems to dominate the list. This year, I did the math and, interestingly, the average length was 5.98 inches, and the average ring size is 51.56. Am I on to something here? It certainly appears that the best cigars each year fit that profile. Does this size yield the best cigar? Or is there something about that size beyond taste—the feel, the draw, the length of time enjoying a fine cigar—that adds to the pleasure? I would be very interested to hear what you and your experts have to say about this.

By the way, thanks for Cigar Aficionado—I look forward to it, and find there are few things more relaxing than a fine cigar accompanied by a great whisky.

Dan Hand
Howell, Michigan

Editor’s Note: Interesting analysis. We agree that thicker cigars allow better blending options. We’ll look into it.
The following letters highlight how our issue on Havana polarized our readers. Some will never forgive or forget. Some will welcome the day Americans can travel there. It’s quite a contrast between the two points of view.

Dear Marvin,

Just wanted to thank you for the great reporting on the insider’s guide on discovering Havana, in the December 2011 issue. The timing was perfect, your article inspired us to plan our holiday vacation to Cuba. As Canadians we visited Cuba several times during the last 25 years. We always stayed in Varadero because we loved the beaches and the great hospitality. As you stated in your article, the Cubans are wonderful people. This time however I made the trip to Havana. We visited the old city as well as some of the restaurants and cigar shops. Your recommendations were greatly appreciated.

We stopped at La Casa del Habano, Hotel Melia Habana, where we purchased our cigars. The staff was very helpful and accommodating with the selection of the right cigars. They offered us free smokes and fine scotch, we did buy at least 8 boxes, the famous Behike 52 and 54, Partagás Serie P No. 2, Serie D No. 4, Cohiba Siglo VI, Montecristos and Punch. I was like a kid in a toy store and was very happy to share this joy with my sons and brother-in-law. We were there from December 23 until January 2nd. We had a wonderful vacation and Cuba is a must for all cigar aficionados. My friends are leaving for Havana on February 1st. They were just as inspired as I was after I shared your magazine and some of the cigars with them.

Thank you again for providing us with such a fine publication.

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