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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Brad Paisley, March/April 2012

Dear Marvin,

I thoroughly enjoyed the December 2011 Havana issue. I was able to dream of a cigar vacation in a warm climate through Cigar Aficionado vicariously. Some of our Cuban American friends are not so comfortable with the idea of freely trading with Cuba. Of course, their reasons are political and that is understandable.

This last issue (February 2012) hits the mark with the Top 25 award that will send me searching for some of the great cigars that made the list. I always find it interesting when cigars that cost under $10 make the list right along with others that cost up to three times as much.

The “Top 25 at a Glance” list on page 65 is perfect to copy and use as a cheat sheet next time I’m at a tobacco store, or just to keep handy when I’m searching on the Internet. The list of “Bargain Cigars of 2011” on pages 75 and 76 is also a great reference of highly rated cigars at a low price. Good thinking!

I read the article about the Fuente family with a thirst. I am a big fan of their line of cigars (when I can find them), and was struck by the number of crises the family endured to keep their little cigar company in business. A lot of sweat and sacrifice went into building their company. We can enjoy the fruits of their labor with a lot less effort than the Fuente family put forth in order to get their fine cigars to us.

The interview with Sean Hannity was pretty interesting—I didn’t even know he smoked cigars. I thought the only conservative commentator that took up the hobby was quite a bit chubbier than Hannity.

There’s lots more in the February issue, it’s a keeper. Sincere thanks for publishing such a high quality magazine that focuses on the good life that even peons like me can enjoy—along with a fine cigar for less than $10! Overall, Cigar Aficionado is an interesting, useful publication that is more of a reference book than a magazine.

Mike Tarone
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Dear Marvin,

I am far from being an aficionado, but I love cigars and have been a subscriber to Cigar Aficionado for several years.

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