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Cuban Cigar Factories Close to Visitors

Gordon Mott
Posted: December 2, 2011

Cuba’s cigar factories have been closed to tourist visits. According to Habanos S.A., the exporter of all Cuban cigars, the decision was made by Tabacuba, the governing agency for Cuba’s cigar factories.

Previously the Partagás, La Corona and H. Upmann cigar factories were open to tourists who paid a fee of 10 CUC ($10) for a tour.

The policy is being reviewed. There’s no indication the policy will be revised, but Habanos has acknowledged that a Cuban cigar factory is one of the highlights of many casual tourists' visits to the island. So, expect to see some kind of accommodation in the future.

Those going to Cuba’s Habanos Festival in February, as well as accredited journalists, are still allowed to visit, but such trips are by appointment only and must be arranged in advanced. December 2, 2011 11:01pm ET
Is that just in Havana or the whole island??
C December 3, 2011 4:07am ET
Very sorry to hear Gordon. Seems like Cuba is going backwards with this one. I feel that shutting out tourists will only further hurt their reputation and economy. I do hope the Cuban government reconsiders and not only opens its doors but continues to rebuild and show all its glorious traditions. December 3, 2011 6:12am ET
What prompted this action? Doesn't make sense.
Ted Reinhard Clearwater, FL, USA, December 3, 2011 3:20pm ET
At least Nicaragua and Honduras are still open to cigar tours.
Jim Ryder Miami, FL, US, December 3, 2011 6:26pm ET
Who knows what the heck they're thinking over there. Maybe they want to start hiding weapons of mass distruction in their cigar factories now lol.

Taylor Franklin December 15, 2011 5:13pm ET
Sounds like another brainiac decision.

Meanwhile, Habanos SA seems to be more interested in selling/marketing cigar bands, boxes, and jars rather than rolling the best they possibly can. Resting on laurels of decades long gone.

Personally I prefer the Cubatabaco days of the 80's and early 90's.
Kyle Johnson December 21, 2011 4:04pm ET
I was at the Partagás Factory last year with my brother and there was a very nice cafe and cigar shop in side and there where tours in the factory everyday that where free

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