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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Havana—The Insider's Guide, November/December 2011

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Being a Canadian, I know our country could really use a consumer-based organization that fights our insanely high tobacco taxes and destructive smoking bans. Thanks to organizations like the CRA, we may be closer to forming such an organization because they have created a model that we can pick up on. Please consider doing a spolight on the CRA and one of their people so that those who may not be as aware of what they do can find an appreciation for those who give much of their free time to specifically lobbying on our behalf and will strongly consider joining such a group. The more we’re aware of such grassroots movements and join our voices with those of others, the more likely we are to gain some of our freedom back and educate the masses.

Thanks for your publication.
Rudy Regehr
British Columbia, Canada

Dear Marvin,

It has been a pleasure to be an ardent reader of your magazine since 1995. I started smoking cigars when I was in college in Boston 18 years ago and have been an aficionado since then. I started with the $1 grocery store cigar and
finally as I graduated to better cigars I was happy to buy the George Burns issue. With that I started my cigar smoking education and passion. I had a two-year subscription from ’95 to ’97 and with every new issue, I only became more in love with experimenting with new brands and buying new accessories.

In 1995 I had moved back home to India and joined my family real estate business. I always dreamt of opening a cigar lounge but the people were not yet introduced to such beautiful things and the laws of the country also did not allow import of tobacco so easily.

Today things have changed and not only do a large number of people smoke cigars in India’s cities but also travel and experience the same a lot more. Though they are mostly inclined to buy Cubans—primarily because of the limited availability and exposure of non-Cubans in India—I feel they are missing out on the Dominican and Nicaraguan beauties.

Amit Khaneja
New Delh, India

Editor’s Note: It’s nice to know that the fraternity of cigar smokers is still expanding into all corners of the globe.
Dear Marvin,

The wars must be over! There was a time when Cigar Aficionado had at least one photo that was military related, showing servicemen and women enjoying a cigar. 

Now, for the last few months, there have been none. Guess you got bored with the wars and decided to pull the plug on supporting those who are defending your rights to not wear a burqa! You might give a little more exposure to those on the front lines after they have been sweating underneath a long black bolt of cloth or wearing 80 to 100 pounds of equipment on their backs on an Afghan/Iraqi summer afternoon. So how about it? Think you can continue your tradition of supporting the troops by adding a couple of photos in every issue?

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