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Todd Griffin
Winter Springs, Florida
Editor’s Note: Thanks. Gordon is still red-faced, but pleads that he was never very good at math.
Dear Marvin,
First let me say thank you for providing a great publication that provides a great service to the finer things in life during these less than optimal economic times. I especially have enjoyed the in-depth reviews of current and past cigar offerings and the reviews in the section Good Life Guide.
It is in reference to the mentioned section that I find insult in your last issue—August 2011. Specifically, in the article titled “Make Your Own Beer.”
As a professional brewer with over 15 years experience and a share of awards ranging from The Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup, I find offense with the statement: “If you can follow a soup recipe then you can craft brews that will tantalize your palate.” I understand that the writer was attempting to reference the ease for which the Williams-Warn Personal Brewery machine will allow home brewers to more quickly produce beer from grain to glass.
However, some of the greatest and most talented brewers I have ever had the honor to meet and drink beer with have prided themselves in controlling each step of the brewing process just as a commercial brewer. By making the preceding statement, it degrades both their hard work as well as the hard work for the commercial brewer.
David Mathis
Sacramento, California
Dear Marvin,
I’m enjoying my August issue of Cigar Aficionado, my connection to all that’s right in my world.
In regards to the New York smoking ban, my thoughts go back to an earlier issue—the one where Michael Jordan gives his philosophical version of a perfect day in his life. He would step into his automobile, set the temperature, light up a cigar and then let the wheels take over and he did this all alone. A lone rider feeling like king of the road with the windows up, cigar lit and the air system in “go” mode. He didn’t have to share the air with anyone else. This hour of the day was totally his own.
We recently have a new addition to our family, a grand horse named Rosie. When her arrival was announced, I wanted to celebrate with a good cigar, but since retiring to Sarasota, I no longer know anyone whom I can share a cigar with. So, like Michael Jordan, I appreciated my puffs of smoke alone, but smoked for one of the nicest reasons: to celebrate the enjoyment of life.
Carol Ann Jorgensen Lewczak
Sarasota, Florida
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