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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Joe Mantegna, July/August 2011

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Dear Marvin,
As a longtime subscriber (more than 10 years), I was struck by your editor’s note regarding cigars being the last hope to preserve real friendship. I was reminded of this very fact a couple of weeks ago when I had the chance to join two fraternity brothers—one an attorney and one a teacher/coach/minister—for lunch and a cigar. While many of your articles reference, and many of your readers (me among them) have the opportunity to enjoy, the finer things in life, this was a simple Saturday afternoon with lunch at a Mexican restaurant followed by coffee and cigars outside a nearby Starbucks in Highland Park Village in Dallas, Texas. The cigars were provided by my attorney friend who actually taught me to appreciate cigars some 14 years ago and bought me my first humidor. He taught me that cigars were meant to be shared with friends. I always carry extras and have passed on his lessons to many of my younger colleagues. As we enjoyed the cigars, we spoke of cigars, family, friendships, politics and investments. We were at times serious and at other times laughing hysterically. Your editor’s note captured the sentiment of that afternoon perfectly. We all stay in touch by phone and e-mail though I am separated by distance—they live in Texas, I in Virginia. But, nothing will rekindle or preserve a friendship like a relaxed, in-person conversation while sharing a cigar. Thanks for continuing your excellent work and for reminding us of the need to take time to reconnect with our friends and other loved ones.

Larry Stanton Wiese
Lexington, Virginia

Dear Marvin,
I applaud both you and Gordon for your consistent exposure of these antismoking groups and their unsubstantiated research. I wanted to let you know that you do not stand alone. I have been in the exercise science arenas as a trainer for over 30 years, a passionate cigar smoker and someone who truly loves life and who has battled these same fronts.
These groups and individuals are mostly driven by their own drama and sensationalism, as opposed to conclusive published research. They are not happy people! We all know the old saying, “misery loves company.” The more restrictions these groups believe they can impose the better they can feel, it’s definitely all about them.

My philosophy as a trainer has always had the component of lifestyle factored in. And I make sure whenever I speak on exercise and well-being I have one of my favorite cigars in hand promoting just that.

Jeff Kroop
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Marvin,
I just received my June issue and like every issue, the first thing I read is the editors’ note. I personally don’t belong to any of the social networks. I still appreciate person-to-person conversations. Twice a week I get to spend time at my favorite cigar bar here in Miami, Havana Cigar 1950. This is the time when I get to talk about sports, politics and everyday events, and play dominoes with a great cigar. As a little kid growing up in Cuba, I remember my grandfather getting together with his friends and doing the same thing. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know new friends and share ideas and curiosities. Your article was right on point. Cigars should be considered saviors of humankind.

Thank you for bringing light to one of the last hopes to preserve real friendships.

Eric Ojito
Miramar, Florida

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