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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Jim Nantz, May/June 2011

Dear Marvin,

This has been a very harsh winter in Southwestern Ontario, so a week-long getaway to Cuba in February with my wife and two young children was just what the doctor had ordered. My life as a married man, father of two and as a lawyer with a busy practice, allows little opportunity for selfish pursuits but I was determined to find time to enjoy a cigar sometime during our vacation.

Midweek, I escaped into town and headed straight for the government-run cigar shop, La Casa Del Habano in Varadero. Although I was alone, the friendly staff and beautiful aroma of thousands of fresh Cuban cigars in the nearby walk-in humidor, quickly had me feeling that I was among friends, even in this unique foreign land.

After making my purchases, I was invited to proceed to the upper level smoking room to enjoy one of my new
acquisitions along with a delicious cup of Cuban coffee. Once I reached the empty room, any lingering feeling of being alone immediately dissipated when I observed an issue of your magazine laying invitingly on the marble and wood table. It was the February 2007 issue with David Caruso on the cover, and to my pleasant surprise, a copy of my letter to the editor was featured on the letters page. I lit my cigar and thumbed through your magazine that boldly celebrated the good life on page after familiar page.

As South Sea Caribbean breezes gently blew nearby palm trees and wafted through the open window, licking the open pages of your magazine that I was reading, I soon felt at home. I was in a strange land with a political system very foreign to our own but your magazine helped me feel very much at home. It was a beautiful and unforgettable smoke. For me, it was a reminder of the power of the cigar to transport us wherever we are, to a special, intangible but joyous place. And being able to read your magazine at that moment and in that place, was a reminder and celebration of our common humanity. Many thanks for your magazine's contribution to that unforgettable experience.

Daniel Mailer
London, Ontario, Canada

Editors' Note: You made me want to be there too!

Dear Marvin,

Congratulations and welcome to the mainstream culture! I say this because I was delighted to come across a reference to Cigar Aficionado in the latest book in the Dexter series. The main character, Dexter, is waiting for an interview in a very high-end office with his sister, when he asks her, "Have you seen this latest issue of Cigar Aficionado?"

I laughed out loud. Is this something you knew would happen? Perhaps some cross-genre advertising between you and the book's author?

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