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Casinos are going high-tech converting cache into cash

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He lets slip that he'll be introducing brand new games, which are currently unavailable elsewhere, "with life-changing numbers: $10-million payoffs." As more and more casinos align with Cantor, he expects handle to go up and In Running limits to increase. By the start of the 2011 NFL season, Amaitis anticipates catering to the ever-growing legions of fantasy football fanatics. "People are interested in rushing and passing yardage?" he asks. "We're devising a way to put up prices for those wagers. We're also going to field a fantasy football team here. Then we'll let you put together a team and go up against us."
Whether you pick a team of less-than-stellar players or a group of all-stars, Midas will pitch odds to make the wagers sensible.
As of this writing, gamblers can wander around Cantorized properties, gambling from the eDeck at the pool, in the casino, in the restaurants-pretty much wherever there is surveillance. By the time you read this, though, Amaitis hopes to have cleared the regulatory hurdles to take his concept out of the casino and across Nevada.
He has the technology to build an electronic fence around the state so that people can legally gamble on In Running from anywhere in Nevada, via computers and smart phones. "We're going to blow the doors off in handle," predicts Amaitis. "Right now all of Nevada does $2 billion in sports betting. I expect it to go as high as $20 billion and we will be the lion's share of that because of the platform we're building."
He hesitates for a beat. Then he says something that few of his forward-thinking competitors would argue with: "The world of gambling is going to change."
Michael Kaplan is a Cigar Aficionado contributing editor.
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